Window Tinting

Most people enjoy living in Sunny California for the weather. Unfortunately, with our record number of sunny days compared to the rest of the continental United States, comes a big disadvantage when it comes to maintaining ones automobile. The sun makes your vehicle hotter, fades the interior, and is generally rougher on the car or truck than if you live in another state. To help address this need, Palos Verdes Auto Glass now provides a window tinting service to help reduce customer’s dependence on air conditioning, improver the overall driving comfort of the vehicle, and gives you a distinctive look and feel to your vehicle which also helps control fading of the interior.

Auto Window Tinting

In addition to improving the overall look of your car or truck, our auto window tinting film is designed to help protect you and your passengers from both the sun’s heat and its damaging ultraviolet rays. Our window tint service will help deflect up to 65% of the sun’s heat which reduces the overall heat build-up in the vehicle. This helps keep your upholstery cooler and improves your overall driving comfort.

The window film that our certified technicians use on your automobile is scratch resistant and includes a warranty in the event it does not stand up as we advertise to the test of time. Call our auto glass technicians and let us help you figure it all out. Additional benefits for seeking out a window tinting service include a balanced climate in your car or truck, increased privacy, reduced glare and hot spots while you are driving, and of course and extended air conditioning life compared to vehicles that are not tinted in Southern California.

All of our automobile tinting services are accomplished by trained and certified technicians who know the limits of California law. We will also provide you written documentation to demonstrate your window tint does not exceed the percentage allowed under the law in the event you ever get questioned by law enforcement or other agencies who may ask you to prove that your automobile meets requirements under state law. If you still have questions about our auto glass service, give us a call 7 days a week. We are open even on Sundays.

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