Windshield Repair

Most residents of the Rancho Palos Verdes area will find themselves in a position of having their car or truck windshield damaged from various freeway and road hazards and debris. If you are one of these people, then look no further than to Palos Verdes Car Glass to help you take care of your windshield repair needs! During our more than 10 years of experience in the auto glass repair business, we have found that many consumers will typically ignore windshield damage until it grows to a point of requiring a full replacement. We want to save you money (and keep you safe) by helping you take action on any windshield repair needs quickly to help safe both time and money! We strongly recommend that you give our crack team of customer service experts a call at the first sign of damage so that we can provide you both a free estimate and recommendation of whether or not you should look at having the glass repaired!

At Palos Verdes Car Glass, we take the time to train our customer service reps to walk you through the process of making repairs to your automobile’s windshield. They will first have you describe the visual extend of the damage to best ascertain the type of repair our mobile technicians will need to conduct on your vehicle. Then, our representatives will ask to review your automobile insurance information with you to see if the damage will be covered under your policy without having to pay a deductible. We find that many of our clients are able to have their car or truck windshield repaired without having to pay any out of pocket costs for our mobile repair service. If your insurance does not cover the service, then you can be comfortable in the knowledge that our windshield repair service is very competitively priced and you will not have to pay us a significant amount of money to complete the service. Keep in mind that if the window is beyond repairable and it already has a line going thru it, then it will need a full out windshield replacement service, which we also offer. The benefit of having a whole windshield replaced is that you get to start over fresh with a new quality product. Give us a call for a free estimate. All of our windshields are made in the USA and come with lifetime free warranty.

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